Volunteer with Us


The Benefits of Volunteering with N.E.S.T


Challenge your leadership and interpersonal skills by becoming part of our team!

Be part of a community

At N.E.S.T we're one big family. We support and learn from each other.

Have Fun

Enjoy the satisfaction of helping others through teaching.

What can a N.E.S.T volunteer do?


Community Volunteering

Our community sessions run on Saturdays and Sundays. We teach English in various formats including one-on-one tutoring as well as group learning.


We run a conversation group for all learners on Wednesday evenings. This class encourages learners to practice their spoken English.


We run outreach sessions on Thursdays and Fridays at external locations in Newcastle. This allows us to welcome anyone who would like to to learn English.

Beyond Barriers

We film, edit and upload lessons to our Youtube channel for our learners to have easy access to learn from home.


We organise trips to help our learners to integrate into the local community and find out about resources available to them.


We run Science, Tech, Engineering and Math classes for children who are fluent in English but needs support in other subjects.


We host classes on Tuesday evening where our learners practice English through creative activities, such as painting and baking.


Volunteers have the opportunity to share about their experience with N.E.S.T, which will be published on this website. 

Volunteer with Us