This week we will observe Danyal and  Sabyasachi discuss their  plans for the weekend. They will comment on their favorite sports and when they plan to play them.



Football is a particularly popular sport in Newcastle. Newcastle United are the most popular team in the area, but Gateshead F.C. play nearby and offer cheaper tickets ( Newcastle also has a well known Basketball team, the Newcastle Eagles (, and rugby team, the Newcastle falcons ( You might try some of these sports yourself in one of Newcastle's many parks.

Later they meet again and discuss art, cinema,  literature and cooking. 

These are popular hobbies in the U.K. The Baltic is an art museum just outside Newcastle which offers free entry ( In the city centre, the Tyneside Cinema offers tickets for only £1 before 5pm to job seekers, refugees and asylum seekers ( There is a large library in the center of Newcastle where you can borrow books free of charge (, and a range of charity shops selling second hand books.

Finally, Meenakshi will explain the grammar used in finer detail, emphasizing use of tense.

We hope you find this video useful!


Hi, I’m Meena. Today we are going to see a video of two people talking about their hobbies and what they are going to do at the weekend.


Hey! It’s Friday, nearly weekend. What are you going to do this weekend?

This weekend I’m going to watch a football match in Newcastle.

Ok, I heard the team is quite famous. What colours do they play in, again?

Oh yes, they are quite famous, they play in black and white and their stadium is called St James park.

Oh ok, are there a lot of lot of people who are going to watch this. match?

There is usually about 50,000 (fifty thousand) people, so it’s quite a lot of people

And remind me again, who are they playing against?

They are playing against Fulham, which is a London team.

What about you, what are you going to do this weekend?

I am going to play tennis with my friends. I enjoy tennis because it is a good exercise and it is a fun sport.

Do you play tennis in the winter too?

Yes, it does get cold because it is an outdoor sport, but it is quite fun so I play whenever I can.

So, you prefer to play in the summer?

Yes, it is preferable in summer because it’s warmer and it doesn’t get dark until quite late.

How about you, do you like any sports?

Yes, I like playing football, watching it as well. Then I also like going hiking.

Where do you go for hiking?

Just outside of Newcastle, there is a lot of countryside and you can get there easily by bus or train, so I usually do that. Do you hike as well?

No, I prefer cycling. I usually cycle down the road by the river, Tyne. There is a long road that goes down to the coast and it’s flat and it’s away from the cars and traffic and the road and you can see the bridges across the river as well as the Sage building and the Baltic centre. It is quite nice.

There is a lot to see in this city!

Yes there is, there is.

Well, enjoy playing tennis.

You too, enjoy the football match.


Hello, it’s good to see you again. Will you come to exhibition with me?

Where is it?

It’s at the Baltic centre, it’s in Gateshead, by the river.

Oh OK, sounds interesting I like photo exhibitions because I like taking photos myself.

Photos, as in what type of photos?

I take photos of everything. I take photos of people, places, animals. It helps me to remember where I’ve been and what I’ve done.

What else is on this weekend?

There is a concert at the Sage.

The sage? What’s that?

So the sage is a huge centre that has lot of exhibitions and concerts. It’s a modern sliver coloured building that’s on Gateshead. It’s by the river as well

I’ve never been to the sage but I’ve been to the o2 academy, in town, for a concert as well.

I would actually like to see movie this week because it’s one of my hobbies to watch films.

Yes, we could go to the cinema, what time does it start?

I think it starts at 8 pm but I might go in 15 minutes before because I’m meeting a friend there.

Ok, and how much are the tickets?

The tickets are around 6 pounds per person.

And are you buying the tickets in advance?

I am going to buy the tickets at the cinema itself.

I think I will join you this evening but I can’t do tomorrow because I’m cooking a meal at home for my friend

Ok, what are you cooking?

I’m cooking Italian food.

Ok, I actually read something, I think it was an Italian book

Do you enjoy reading?

I do enjoy reading fiction or novels, especially if it has to do with detectives or sci-fi

I enjoy reading  too but usually non fiction, like biographies. I like reading about people

Ok then you would really enjoy the film, it’s a biographical film.

Oh sounds good, I’ll see you this evening.

See you.


Now we are going to talk about the near future tense. Did you notice how the people in the video are telling us about what they are going to do. In English, we use going to + verb. Let’s look at the videos again to see what the people are talking about.

Hey! It’s Friday, nearly weekend. What are you going to do this weekend?

There is also another way to talk about the future. In English we use will + verb. For example;

Will you come to exhibition with me?

These are two ways you can talk about the future in English.

When the people were talking about books, they used two specific words to describe the books they were reading. The first word was fiction. Fiction means not real and made up. A book like Harry Potter is fiction because the story is not real and is made up by the author.

The other word that they used to describe a book, is non-fiction. Non-fiction means based on true, real life events. An example of this would be a biography, which is about a person and they life.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this film. Now you know how to talk about your hobbies, about sports, and what you are going to do in the future. If you have any comments or feedback, please do let us know.

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