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This time we will watch Sam ask Laura ‘how has your day been?’ a common conversation starter in the UK. During their conversation they will discuss various people who are important to their lives, including their family, work colleagues, and friends.

Additionally they will discuss the when the events of their day occur, and demonstrate some vocabulary you might use to describe how they felt about events. 

After the demonstration, our teachers demonstrate clearly the family unit, and explain the adjectives you might use to describe things.

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Hi. I am Laura. Today we’ll be looking at talking about our family and friends and describing how the day went. 

Hi Laura.

Hi Sam. 
Nice to see you. How has your day been?
It’s nice to see you too. My day has been okay. This morning after I have woken up. I went to see my brother and sister for breakfast. It was very nice.
After that I went to work and had a meeting with my colleague. It was a very important meeting. But it was very boring. 
In the afternoon, I met my friend for coffee. I like to meet with her. We have been friends for a very long time now. I like to hear about how her day has been, like I am finding out from you, now. She is very nice and very friendly. I like spending time with her. 
In the evening I went to my parents for some food. My mum gave me really nice snacks and my dad told me about stories when he was a child.
And now I am talking to you. Overall my day was very good! How was your day?
My day was really bad! I woke up late this morning I had to rush to work, and my boss shouted at me for being late. 
I then realised I had left my lunch at home and had to buy a horrible sandwich. 
In the afternoon, I was late to pick up my son and daughter from school which made them sad and made me feel really awful. 
I then got home and found out my wife was really ill. I needed to take her to hospital! It was terrible. Overall, I have had a really bad day.

Today we looked at talking about how our day went. We spoke a lot about meeting family and friends. I met my brother and sister for breakfast. Sam looked after his wife when she was ill. It’s important to be able to talk about your family and friends. Let’s look at how to do so. 
This is my mother and this is my father.
This is my brother. He is my brother because he is a boy. 
This is my sister. She is my sister because she is a girl. 
This is my son and this is my daughter. They are my children. 
This is my husband. And I am his wife. We are married. 
So let’s look at that again. 
Brother, Sister, Mother, Father, Husband, Wife, Son, Daughter. Family. 
These are ways to describe things that are good.
My brother is nice. 
My sister is friendly. 
These are ways to describe things that are bad. 
My lunch is boring. And my boss is horrible. 
Let’s recap that. Good; nice, friendly. Bad; boring, horrible. 

That’s all for today. I hope you have enjoyed this video and if you have any questions or any feedback to give us please leave a comment below. Good bye!

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